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  • Efrat Natan

    Roof Work, 1979
    Reconstruction of the installation at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, 2016

    Sunflower for Tamar, 1994
    Pencils and graphite on cardboard
    25 cm diam.

    Morning Flag, 2005
    Net Black-and-white photograph, plexiglass cover,
    73 x 115 cm

    Drop, 2010
    Plasterer’s rule, metal
    30 x 14 x 4 cm

    Tent, 2011
    Mixed media,
    600 x 450 x 150 cm

    Undershirts in the Wind, 2016
    Net, white under shirts, black wall paper mounted on plywood
    120 x 80 cm (x3)
    (detail from a triptych)

    Efrat Natan, born in 1947 in Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin, Israel.

    After leaving the kibbutz where she grew, Efrat Natan went to the Avni Institute and later she worked with Raffi Lavie (1968-71), curator at the Young Wing of the Israel Museum.

    In the early 1970s, she was among the first artists in Israel to work the conceptual art and the body art with an international language, as a result of a large knowledge of Western art. Since then, her work speaks out for itself, as a result of an assembling of social, political and religious icons, where Natan’s cultural heritage is always presented. A symbolic work, that connects with her private memories linked with a childhood in a kibbutz. A symbolism that goes from the Judaic belief until the territory issues in Israel.

    Natan mainly uses daily objects to produce the artworks, but if Marcel Duchamp’s readymade emerged from a critical point of view against the artistic elitism from the early decades of the XX century, in Efrat Natan ’s artwork, this process overcomes by the confront between the habitable space-memory and its timeless reproduction to the museological discourse: the sensitive memory transposed to the white wall and ground.

    Efrat Natan selected solo exhibitions: Efrat Natan/Nahum Tevet, Museum Villa Stuck, Munich; Whitewash and Tar, Retrospective, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2016); Wall Work 1: Tent, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2011); Summer in Winter, Rosenfeld Gallery, Tel Aviv (2007); Winds, The Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv (2002); Old and New Works, Gallery of David Yallin College, Jerusalem (2001); Roof Work (installation), Tel Aviv (1979).

    Selected group exhibitions: Behold the Man: Jesus in Israeli Art, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2016); A Brief History of Humankind ¾ from the Collection, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2015); The Permanent Exhibition: Israeli Art, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2010); The New Hebrews: A Century of Art in Israel, Martin-Gropius-Bau, Berlin (2005); Togetherness, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (2005); The Eyes of the State ¾ Aspects of Israeli Art in the 70’s: Visual art in a state without borders, Tel Aviv Museum of Art (1998); Five Young Artists: Reconstruction, Kibbutz Gallery, Tel Aviv (1995); Five Young Artists, Kibbut Gallery, Tel Aviv (1974), Sarah Gilat Gallery, Jerusalem (1974).

    Selected exhibition projects curated for the Youth Wing of The Israel Museum, Jerusalem: Sport and Art (2004); It’s About Time! (2000); Earth (1998), Big and Small (1986).

    Efrat Natan lives and works in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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